Yes, the headlight doors ARE yellow.   

I am about to do a refinish and did a sprayout to check the color.  The car will be ALL yellow when I get done.

This is the unit I used from a 1985 Corvette.I painted it and buffed up the top of the plenum a bit.

Note the valve cover bolts.  This is a roller cam motor out of a 1989 Caprice police car.  I redrilled the heads in order to accomodate the older manifold.

I used the throttle & TV cables from an 85 to make the stretch to the TB.

Since the EGR valve is no longer installed I used the room to tuck a Walbro 255 pump under the plenum. As you can see I also made my own wiring harness.  All connections are soldered and shrink wrapped for improved reliabllity.

This is the MegaSquirt II controller that handles injectors, HEI 7 pin distributor, TCC, engine cooling fan etc.

I mounted the ECU in the glove box to make it easily accessible.  Note the DB9 serial connector for connecting a laptop.

This is the MegaSquirt relay board that accommodates ALL connections to the injectors, sensors etc.  It also provides all necessary fuses and relays to control the fuel pump and IAC motor etc.

The large silver connector on the left is the cable to the controller above.